NESTLÉ CEREGROW Grain Selection Ragi, 300g

NESTLÉ CEREGROW Grain Selection Ragi, 300g

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NESTLÉ CEREGROW Toddler Cereal, 300g

NESTLÉ CEREGROW Toddler Cereal, 300g

NESTLÉ CEREGROW Grain Selection Ragi, 300g

Pre-Cooked cereal
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New Ceregrow Grain Selection Growing up cereal with Ragi, Mixed Fruit and Ghee is a toddler cereal inspired by Traditional ingredients and popular millet recipes. It contains Nutri Cereal Ragi which has been a part of Traditional foods in major parts of India, being grown for over 4000 years in India.With over 14 Vitamins & Minerals and key Immuno nutrients like Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc, these cereals for kids help support normal immune system function. Ceregrow Grain Selection Ragi offers a Nutritious & Tasty bowl of Ragi Mixed Fruit & Ghee cereal for your Li'l one.

With 40 assured quality checks & no added flavor or color, this new toddler cereal from the house of Nestle ensures good quality product for your Li'l one.
More Information
Country of Manufacture India
Date of Expiry Refer pack for details.
Directions of Use 1. Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm. 2. Pour 130ml of lukewarm water into a bowl. 3. Add 50g powder (6 level scoops) of ceregrow 4. Mix the powder well with water. A nutritious bowl of ceregrow is now ready.
Veg Yes
Safety Information Store in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. 
Number of Packages Pack of 1
Name and Address of Manufacturer Nestlé India Ltd.
Shelf Life 12 months from Date of Manufacturing

Milk Solids(21.4%), Resultant Wheat Flour(Resultant Atta)(18.7%),Rice Flour 16.8%) Wheat Flour(Atta)(8.1%),Extruded ragi flour (12.3%), Sugar, Ghee (5%), Soyabean oil, Orange juice concentrate (3%),Dehydrated apple (2%), Pomegranate juice concentrate (0.9%),Minerals, Starch, Carrot puree (0.5%), Spinach puree (0.5%), Maltodextrin, Carrot powder (0.1%), Spinachpowder (0.2%), Vitamins and Iodized salt. Allergens: Contains Wheat and Milk May contains Oats and Barley.