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Did you know that more than one million new neural connections are formed every second at this early stage of a baby’s brain development?

Our little ones seem to grow up so quickly. Baby’s brain development happens at a quick pace in the first 5 years. Did you know that more than one million new neural connections are formed every second at this early stage of a baby’s brain development . This means that your child’s brain is in its most active phase during these years.

Your child is exploring the surroundings, grasping and learning at a fast pace, faster than an adult’s brain. Activities such as singing along, and reading to him/her can boost your child’s ability to think, explore and learn. Here are five simple and fun activities you can do to foster your child’s brain development:

Talk to your child

Yes! conversations with your child are great for their brain development. You can talk to your child with gestures and expressions. Involve your toddler in the daily house chores and talk as you work together.

Treasure Hunt

You can allocate a space in the house to play this game. Start by placing various objects like toys, fruits, and stationery in this space. Call out the names of the objects and ask your child to pick them up. Clap with excitement when they pick up the right object. Say a dramatic ‘NO’ in case your child identifies the incorrect object. This game helps kids in understanding emotions when expressed. It also improves their listening and observational skills.

Solving Puzzles

Solving visual puzzles (Jigsaw) helps in improving hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. It also improves the problem-solving skills of your child and aids brain development. Add variety to keep your child interested.

Building Blocks

This is a simple but fun activity that brings out the creativity in your child. Let their imagination run wild and encourage them to create structures of different shapes and sizes.

Reading Out Loud

You can read books to your child. Use different voices for different characters, create finger puppets, masks, and other props to liven up the stories. Remember, creating wonder is important to catch your little one’s attention and to foster imagination.

These activities along with proper nutrition are essential for your child’s brain development. So try them at your home and boost your baby’s brain development. To know how to handle a fussy toddler and provide them with proper nutrition.