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Maggi Noodles & PazztaMaggi Noodles & Pazzta
Maggi SaucesMaggi Sauces
Maggi Spices & SeasoningsMaggi Spices & Seasonings


  1. MAGGI Korean Noodles Combo (BBQ & Veg.)
    MAGGI Korean Noodles Combo (BBQ & Veg.)

    Starting at was ₹110.00 From ₹70.30

  2. pick 4 pazzat and nescafe ice latte and nescafe intense
    Snack Attack

    Starting at was ₹128.00 From ₹121.60

  3. Pantry Essentials
    Pantry Essentials

    Starting at was ₹224.00 From ₹212.80

  4. maggi cuppa
    MAGGI Cuppa Noodles Assortment

    Starting at was ₹200.00 From ₹190.00


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Buy MAGGI Food Products Online

The moment you hear or think of MAGGI, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is our tasty 2 Minute Noodles. We are thankful for your love for our delicious noodles, and we have more delicious products and unique recipes for you to relish.

From MAGGI’s ready-to-eat products, cooking aids, pasta, and sauces to quirky recipes curated by experts, offers it all. You can even get our recipe links over WhatsApp. All you need to do is just register with us.

Also, do not miss out on our thoughtfully created ‘Pantry Essentials’ and ‘Hostel Kit’. The collection includes Toned Milk, Skimmed Milk, Breakfast Cereal, Ghee, Instant Noodles with seasoning, Soluble Coffee Powder, and Tomato Sauce.

You can pick any 4 or more products and enjoy a discounted price.

All About MAGGI Food Products at

 We at MAGGI have constantly been deploying efforts to improve the nutritional value of our products by focusing on natural ingredients and reducing salt content. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients.

The spices and herbs that go into our tastemakers and seasonings help add a distinct taste to even the most basic recipes and boring meals.

With our wide range of superior quality food products and easy-to-make recipes, we help all the culinarians worldwide to prepare fresh food at home and make better food choices while adding great flavour to everyday favourites. Our range of products includes:

MAGGI NOODLES and PAZZTA (Assorted Pasta) – Explore a great selection of various interesting flavours of Pazzta and Noodles to make your meals delightful.

You can even add a twist to your MAGGI with our interesting recipes like Salsa MAGGI, Paneer Taka-Tak MAGGI, Creamy Spinach and Corn MAGGI, Cheesy Italiano MAGGI, Egg Burji MAGGI, Lemon MAGGI, MAGGI Biryani Noodles, Veggie Delight MAGGI, Paneer Bhurji MAGGI, Dal Shorba with Lemon MAGGI.

MAGGI SAUCES - Enhance the taste of your everyday dishes with our range of flavourful sauces like MAGGI HOT & SWEET Tomato Chili Sauce, MAGGI Rich Tomato Ketchup and MAGGI Rich Tomato Sauce (No onion, no garlic), and savoury condiments.

MAGGI SPICES and SEASONINGS – Make everyday dishes extraordinary with the unique, tangy flavours of products like MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic, Manchurian Mix and Rice Seasoning (Chili Garlic and Wok Flavour).

Be it preparing restaurant-style food at home or healthy recipes, our Masala-ae-Magic can be the magical ingredient for your meals. From something as basic as Aloo Gobhi Ki Sabzi to as fancy as Mutton Korma, you can prepare outstanding recipes with our Masala-ae-Magic.

You can quickly cook delectable dishes and experiment with new recipes with our products.

With authentic flavour and unique taste, you can enjoy distinct food experiences when you feel like it.


1. What are the popular MAGGI food products?
Some popular MAGGI products are:

2. What is the range of MAGGI Vegetarian Products?
MAGGI Noodles manufactured in India don’t contain pork/pig fat. Among all the noodle variants under the MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles line, only MAGGI Chicken Noodles is the non- vegetarian variant. Rest all the variants are vegetarian.

3. What are the nutrition facts of MAGGI 2 Minute noodles?
MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles contain 310 calories/70g serving. This serving contains 12g of Fat (saturated fat 5g), 890 mg of Sodium, 6g of Protein, and 41g of Carbohydrate (dietary fibre 2g and sugar 3g). You can refer the pack for more details.

4. Can I customize ‘Pantry Essentials’ and ‘Hostel Kit’?
Yes, absolutely. You can pick any four or more items from the list and get them delivered to your location. However, the minimum order value should be ₹ 500, or you’ll have to pay ₹ 60 as the delivery charge.