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Whether it's the delectable crunch of NESTLÉ MUNCH and NESTLÉ KITKAT or the delicious taste of MAGGI and Pasta or tasty ready-to-drink cold coffee, Nestlé snacks consistently deliver a delightful snacking experience.

With a diverse range of offerings to cater to different tastes and preferences, Nestlé continues to bring joy to snack lovers, making our products a beloved choice for indulgence and moments of sheer delight.

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We have some amazing snack bundles for you. If needed, you can customize your bundle or buy any product separately.

Brownie Flavoured Frappe Bundle

Looking for a unique gift or just want to treat yourself? This bundle can be a perfect choice. It includes NESTLÉ KITKAT DESSERT DELIGHT Heavenly Brownie- Kubes (Chocolate coated wafer) and NESCAFÉ CLASSIC Jar (soluble coffee powder).

Snack Attack

With a variety of pasta and ready-to-drink cold coffee cans, this bundle is a perfect snack attack and can make your snack times delightful. The MAGGI Pazzta is super easy to cook. All you need to do is – before turning on the burner, add pasta and tastemaker to 2 cups (250 ml) of water in an open pan, stir well and bring to a boil. Then simmer for 5 minutes and stir occasionally. Now it’s ready to be served hot. For a delightful meal, you can pair it up with cold coffee.

Dessert Crazy Bundle

Indulge in the ultimate sweet treat with our delightful bundle, a great way to complement your craze for desserts. The bundle features an exquisite selection of NESTLÉ KITKAT DESSERT DELIGHT, comprising the heavenly Brownie, the divine Choco Pudding, and the tempting Truffle flavours. It's the perfect combination to make your snacking experience truly unforgettable.

Noodles Connoisseur

Check out our collection of top MAGGI 2-minute noodle flavours.

Enjoy this delightful snack that has won the hearts of all ages. No complex cooking or waiting, as these instant noodles offer a scrumptious treat in just 2 minutes. Each pack includes four noodle cakes and seasoning sachets. Just follow the instructions on the pack for a warm and delicious bowl. Customize it to your taste and make it a convenient choice for hangouts and surprise visits. You can even check out our unique and easy snack recipes.

Build Your Chocolate Treats Basket

Have a delightful experience with our 'Build Your Chocolate Treats Basket.' Choose from our delectable assortment of chocolates & confectioneries. Create a personalized gift for your loved ones or simply pamper yourself. With each bite, savour the richness and sweetness that our chocolate & confectionery treats have to offer.

Guzzler Blast

Get ready to elevate your party or keep your fridge well-stocked with our extensive selection of beverages. Explore a wide range of drinks to suit every taste and occasion. From refreshing iced tea to different flavours of ready-to-drink coffee packs, we've got you covered with the perfect choices.

Hostel Kit

Bring joy to your distant loved ones with a thoughtful bundle.

The assortment features Instant Noodles with Seasoning, Soluble Coffee Powder, Toned Milk, Coated Wafers, Tomato Sauce, Breakfast Cereal, and Flavoured Milk. Carefully created, this package is sure to brighten their day and remind them of home.

Wish You Were Here Bundle

The "Wish You Were Here Bundle" is a heartfelt collection of chocolates & confectioneries and ready-to-drink cold coffee designed to send warm thoughts across the miles. Packed with a personalized note, this bundle is the perfect way to let someone special know they're missed and cherished. Share love and smiles, no matter the distance.

Coffee Break Bundle

With aromatic NESCAFÉ coffee and the perfect companion, a NESTLÉ KITKAT, this bundle promises to make you feel lively.

Take a well-deserved break, savour every sip, and indulge in the delectable delight of NESTLÉ KITKAT. Treat yourself or a friend with this coffee break experience.

MAGGI Cuppa Noodles Assortment

Experience the best of both worlds with our delectable Cup Noodles, bringing together the signature MAGGI taste and on-the-go convenience. Choose your favourites from a delightful assortment of Cuppa Noodles flavours.

With the rich taste already infused into the noodles, you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free preparation. Ready in just 4 minutes, it's the perfect meal to savour anywhere, anytime.

So, create your ideal bundle and make your snack time truly extraordinary.

You can even check out a few of our snack recipes prepared with the goodness of breakfast cereals such as Koko Krunch Cereal Bar and Cinnamon Corn Snack Mix and have whenever you feel like it.