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  1. Choco Treats Gift Basket - Large
    Choco Treats Gift Basket - Large
    was ₹680.00 ₹591.60
  2. Sips of Love Gift Box
    Sips of Love Gift Box
    was ₹775.00 ₹736.25
  3. Choco Treats Gift Basket
    Choco Treats Gift Basket
    was ₹110.00 ₹95.70
  4. Choco Treats Gift Basket - Medium
    Choco Treats Gift Basket - Medium
    was ₹220.00 ₹191.40
  5. Birthday Return Gift Bundle
    Birthday Return Gift Bundle

    Starting at was ₹200.00 From ₹190.00

  6. KITKAT Break Bundle
    KITKAT Break Bundle
    was ₹630.00 ₹598.50
  7. Sweet Indulgence Gift Box
    Sweet Indulgence Gift Box
    was ₹755.00 ₹656.85


  1. Birthday Return Gift Bundle
    Birthday Return Gift Bundle

    Starting at was ₹200.00 From ₹190.00

  2. NESTLÉ KITKAT Dark Chocolate Coated Wafer, 150g
    NESTLÉ KITKAT Dark Chocolate Coated Wafer, 150g
    was ₹180.00 Special Price ₹155.00
  3. NESTLÉ KITKAT Rich Chocolate Coated Wafer, 150g
    NESTLÉ KITKAT Rich Chocolate Coated Wafer, 150g
    was ₹170.00 Special Price ₹145.00
  4. NESTLÉ KITKAT Caramel Chocolate Coated Wafer, 50g
    NESTLÉ KITKAT Caramel Chocolate Coated Wafer, 50g
    was ₹70.00 Special Price ₹60.00


Buy Chocolates & Confectioneries Online

Chocolates & confectioneries are loved treats! Their varied options and incredible taste make them the perfect indulgence, at any time.

And it is not just about satisfying a sweet tooth.

They can also be wonderful gifts for expressing love, apologising, or celebrating special occasions. It's amazing how chocolates & confectioneries can bring so much joy to someone.

And now, with, you can buy soft candy, cocoa-based confectionery, or chocolate coated wafers online. You can even have them delivered to your loved ones. Imagine the happiness on their face when they receive a bundle of chocolates & confectionaries at home or their office.

Don't forget to order a bundle for yourself (because why not).

All About the Types of Chocolates Available at

We at Nestlé bring you a wide collection of flavourful chocolates & confectionaries from heavenly brownie flavours, divine choco pudding, and truffle to milky and classic flavours. You can explore all of them above.

With, you can either buy a ready-made bundle of chocolates & confectioneries, build your bundle, or simply pick the chocolate or confectionary you love. You can even gift a pre-bundled package to your loved ones or create one for them.

Two of our widely loved gift boxes are ‘Sweet Talk Gift Box’ and ‘Thinking of You Gift Box’. Do not forget to add a personalized gift message to make it more special.

Some of our popular flavours of chocolates & confectioneries are:

NESTLÉ KITKAT Bits: Relish these chocolaty bits with a perfect balance of wafers and cocoa. You can add these bits to a variety of shakes and desserts as per your needs. Find them easily on

NESTLÉ KITKAT DESSERT DELIGHT HEAVENLY BROWNIE KUBES: Take a #DessertBreak with this dark chocolate coated dessert inspiration. These cocoa wafer cubes are coated with heavenly rich chocolate, giving you a distinct dessert experience.

NESTLÉ KITKAT DESSERT DELIGHT TEMPTING TRUFFLE: Every bite of this chocolate coated inspiration is an exquisite experience that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves them wanting more.

NESTLÉ KITKAT DESSERT DELIGHT DIVINE CHOCO PUDDING: This divine cream caramel dessert inspiration is perfect for enjoying special moments or making moments special.

NESTLÉ MUNCH NUTS: Savour the perfect flavour, crunchy texture, and delectable combination of peanuts with the chocolate flavour bar and let your senses experience the divine flavour and taste.

NESTLÉ MILKYBAR: If you love milky and creamy soft candies, MILKYBAR can be your best pick to treat your taste buds. It can be enjoyed in bars, blocks, and buttons.

NESTLÉ CLASSIC: Make little moments grand and memorable with the delicious chocolatey tablets made with the finest quality ingredients.


1. Can I build my basket of chocolates & confectionaries? Yes, absolutely. You can build your own treats basket of four or more of your favourite NESTLÉ chocolates & confectionaries from here and get it delivered to your doorstep. Or you can even surprise your loved ones by getting a basket of assorted chocolates & confectionaries delivered to them with a special message.

2. How to store chocolates & confectionaries? Chocolates & confectionaries should be ideally stored in a cool, dry place. Too cold or too warm conditions are bound to mould or melt them. Though most people store chocolates & confectionaries in the refrigerator, it is best not to unless you live in a really hot area. Also, if you can, keep them in the original packaging, especially if they come in opaque or aluminium paper – these materials help in keeping out moisture and light.

3. What are the gift basket options available at We offer various exciting gift basket options to help you delight your loved ones. You can even add a personalized gift message while checking out.

  • Choco Gift Basket (Medium) at ₹ 209 
  • Choco Gift Basket (Large) at ₹ 394.25 
  • Brownie Flavored Frappe Bundle at ₹ 223.25 
  • Dessert Crazy Bundle at ₹ 185.25 
  • Coffee Break Bundle at ₹ 275.50 
  • Birthday Return Gift Bundle at ₹ 255
  • Sweet Talk Gift Box at ₹ 625 
  • Thinking of You Gift Box at ₹ 775