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Infant Nutritions

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Buy infant nutrition products online

Nestlé's unwavering commitment to nurturing infants and supporting mothers throughout their baby's first 1000 days has been at the core of our mission for 150 years, dating back to our inception in 1867.

We firmly believe that breastfeeding is the best choice for babies and endorse the World Health Organization's recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding during the initial six months of life, followed by continued breastfeeding alongside the introduction of complementary foods under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

However, not all mothers are able to breastfeed due to certain medical conditions or challenging circumstances, such as inflexible work schedules or being away from home. It is in recognition of these challenges that our commitment is further strengthened.

Our infant nutrition products are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of each stage of a baby's optimal growth and development, utilizing only traceable, top-quality raw materials. These products adhere rigorously to our internal specifications and consistently meet international and local quality and safety standards.

Discover our wide range of infant nutrition products conveniently available on, ready for you to order whenever the need arises. For added convenience and peace of mind, consider subscribing to receive scheduled shipments every two weeks or monthly, ensuring you never run out of essential supplies.

Types of infant nutrition products available on

Here's a detailed overview of the types of infant nutrition products we offer:

Infant Formula: When breastfeeding isn't an option due to any circumstance, it's vital to have reliable, science-based alternatives. With vast experience, Nestlé is committed to providing safe, nutritionally balanced infant formula products that cater to different age groups. This includes NESTLÉ LACTOGEN and NESTLÉ NAN LO-LAC. Refer pack for details.

Baby Cereals: Nestlé baby cereals are a perfect complement to breastfeeding. They offer the natural goodness of cereal grains and are nutritionally balanced. Our cereals are enriched with Bifidus BL and Immunonutrients, scientifically proven to boost babies' natural defences during the crucial introduction to complementary foods and early years of life. This includes NESTLÉ CERELAC which comes in different flavors and caters to different age groups. Refer pack for details.

Infant Milk: Nestlé offers nutritious milk drinks like LACTOGROW for infants. It contains Immunonutrients, Probiotic L. reuteri, and essential nutrients to support physical growth, brain development, cognitive development, immune function, and bone development. This easily digestible drink, when combined with proper nutrition and interactive activities, contributes to your baby's happy growth and development. Refer pack for details.

Nestlé's commitment to good quality infant nutrition ensures that parents have a diverse array of options to provide the best nourishment for their little ones.