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nestea ice teanestea ice tea


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Buy NESTEA Iced Tea online

NESTEA Iced Tea - A refreshingly good drink perfect for when you just want to take it easy.

NESTEA Iced Tea combines tea extracts with a tangy lemon flavour, offering a refreshing and flavourful beverage. It is a great beverage choice to rejuvenate yourself and beat the summer heat.

About NESTEA Iced Tea available at

You can choose from NESTEA ready-to-drink and Iced Tea Premix depending on your preference.

NESTEA Iced Tea Lemon (Iced Tea Premix)

Crafted with Nilgiri tea leaves, NESTEA Iced Tea offers a delightful tangy lemon flavour. It is the perfect drink to refresh yourself on a hot summer day.

It is super simple to prepare NESTEA Iced Tea with Iced Tea Premix. All you need to do is add NESTEA Iced Tea powder to cold water (1 tbsp/13g of iced tea in 150 ml water) and voila! You have a chilled glass of super tasty and refreshing iced tea ready. Sip it leisurely and let the harmonious blend of tea extracts and tangy lemon flavour rejuvenate you.

That's not all! NESTEA Iced Tea is rich in Vitamin C. In fact, each 150ml glass (containing 13g of iced tea) of this refreshing beverage meets 20% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

NESTEA Iced Tea Lemon Ready to Drink

Enjoy the convenience of your favourite NESTEA Iced Tea, now in a resealable pack. You can easily pour it into a glass and enjoy the refreshing iced tea blended with delightful lemon flavour wherever you go. Its superb taste and refreshing qualities make it a perfect addition to any of your meals.

Refer the pack for more details.