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Nestlé Nangrow

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The early stages of childhood are characterized by significant physical growth, cognitive development, and socio-emotional capabilities. Adequate nutrition during this phase is paramount, as it is a key factor in enabling children to achieve their maximum potential and promoting the proper functioning of their immune system.

With NESTLÉ NANGROW, you can ensure your toddler’s holistic development across immune system function, physical growth, and brain development.

To easily meet your toddler's nutritional needs, you can buy NESTLÉ NANGROW with a simple click on Decide whether to buy once or subscribe for regular shipments every two weeks or each month, based on your choice.

And there's more – we have special toddler combos that include pre-cooked cereal and a dairy-based drink: NESTLÉ CEREGROW + NANGROW and NESTLÉ LACTOGROW and CEREGROW. These combos ensure complete nutritional solutions for your toddler.

About Nestlé NANGROW

NESTLÉ NANGROW is a nutritious milk drink in a delicious creamy vanilla flavor for growing children aged 2-6 years. Packed with essential nutrients, it aids in promoting your child's growth and development, all without any added sucrose. This scientifically formulated drink provides -

  • 63% RDA Protein, Vitamin D, and Calcium, helping support normal physical growth & bone development.
  • DHA, Iron, and Iodine, helping support normal brain & cognitive development.
  • Vitamins A, C, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, helping support normal immune system function.
  • High-quality Whey Protein for easy digestion

Before it reaches you, NESTLÉ NANGROW goes under 113 quality checks, ensuring it is safe for your toddler.

Directions of use

  1. Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm.
  2. Gradually mix 7 level scoops++ (33.5g) to 210ml of lukewarm water until powder is fully dissolved. Mixing with water at more than body temperature may compromise the benefits of the probiotics.

You can also prepare this with milk, it tastes delicious. (1 scoop – 4.78 g)

Safety information

After opening, put the pack's contents, including the pouch, into a clean, airtight container. Close the lid tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dry place. Remember to wash and dry the included scoop before using it. Use up the contents within 3 weeks of opening or by the use-by date, whichever comes first.