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Nestlé OptifastNestlé Optifast
Nestlé Resource High ProteinNestlé Resource High Protein
Nestlé Resource DiabeticNestlé Resource Diabetic


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    Breakfast Bundle

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Adult Nutrition Products

Buy adult nutrition products online

Most Indian diets often lack sufficient protein to meet the recommended daily intake levels. Whether or not you participate in sports, your body needs a daily amount of protein.

To cater to the nutritional requirements of adults, NESTLÉ has meticulously formulated a range of adult nutrition products. You can browse through these products on and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep. You can even avail of our expert nutritional counselling services to maintain a more holistic diet. All you need to do is register with us and book an appointment with our nutritionists.

However, before you buy any nutrition product, do check the safety information available on the specific product page on

About adult nutrition products available at

NESTLÉ’s adult nutrition products are a convenient way to get essential nutrients. These products are fortified with Protein and essential Minerals and Vitamins that support your overall well-being.


NESTLÉ RESOURCE High Protein is rich in Immuno nutrients and packed with high-quality Whey Protein, a great source of easily digestible, high-quality protein. Made to meet your body's protein and energy requirements, this protein powder provides high nutritional value.

Every 100g of NESTLÉ RESOURCE HIGH PROTEIN contains 45g of Protein, delivering the ultimate fuel for a protein-powered start, ensuring you go the extra mile.


NESTLÉ OPTIFAST, food for special dietary use, offers a super convenient and nutritious way to control and manage weight. It contains 60% lesser calories than a typical Indian meal and is high in Protein and rich in Fiber, providing a perfect meal replacement for weight management.

Every 100g of NESTLÉ OPTIFAST contains 38g Protein, 6g Fiber and 25 Vitamins and Minerals.


NESTLÉ RESOURCE DIABETIC is food to help support the dietary management of individuals with diabetes. Every 100g of NESTLÉ RESOURCE DIABETIC contains 22g of Protein. It also contains Dietary fiber.

You can refer to the pack for details.

You can even purchase our Hearty Mornings Bundle and avail of a discounted price. It contains NESTLÉ GOLD Crunchy Flakes and NESTLÉ RESOURCE HIGH PROTEIN.

Health is wealth, make it your top priority!